What Are The Health Risks Of Getting Tattoo?

tattoo health risksTattoos can be really fun as they add oomph and style to your appearance. In fact, with a good tattoo you can indeed stand ahead of the crowd. However, just like the benefits, there are also innumerable disadvantages of getting inked. Tattoos can cause serious skin problems that can last a lifetime. Moreover, very often the tattoo parlors do not use proper and new needles. By using old needles you can get various kinds of infections that may even cause death. This is even more evident when the tattoo ink enters your blood and makes things worse. When this deadly ink enters your blood, you may die due to the transfusion. Thus, until and unless you are extremely sure never opt for a tattoo.

Very often, many individuals have also experienced persistent skin problems after getting inked. They may cause itching, swelling or sudden redness of skin. Tattoos contain various chemical compounds and thus the tattoo health risks are immense. The most remarkable tattoo risk is cancer. Yes! Most tattoo inks are carcinogenic and can cause cancer. The toxins from these inks can be absorbed in your body, thereby causing the deadly cancer.

What are the popular health risks of getting a tattoo?

There are innumerable tattoo health risks that may ruin your healthy and happy lifestyle. Following are some of the popular health risks of getting a tattoo;

Infection – Many individuals who have opted for a tattoo has experienced infection at some point of time in their lives. Very often, infection may take a bigger shape and risk your life as well. Dirty needles are the major cause of these infections. They can cause deadly infections like AIDS and hepatitis which might be transferred from one person to another. Due to this reason you have to be extremely sure about the tattoo parlor and the tattoo maker before getting yourself inked.

Allergies – Allergies are also extremely common when you get inked. Very often, the allergies start right after you have got yourself inked. The area might swell and become red. It might also itch and cause pain for quite some time. Various ink pigments contain deadly compounds that may affect your skin. Due to this reason, it is always asked to think twice before getting yourself inked. It is recommended to ink your-self in the ‘not so sensitive’ areas. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin it is best not to get yourself inked at all. This might cause serious skin problems in the long run. You should note, allergies are possible in both permanent and temporary tattoos. So if you have sensitive skin it is always better to avoid this inking session.

Scarring of skin – This is also another remarkable tattoo effects on health. Your skin will be scarred and it might be a permanent scar due to the permanence of the tattoo. Scarring of skin usually happens when you want to get a tattoo removed. So it is always better to take ample precautions while removing your tattoos.

Granulomas and MRI complications – These are also some remarkable health risks that tattoos may pose. Granulomas are extremely common in individuals having sensitive skin. Here, small bumps and knots are formed due to the material that the body perceives as a foreign element. Tattoo pigments fall in this category and so it is better to avoid it. Another tattoo health risk MRI complication. Here, people may have a swelling effect due to the magnetic contact or magnetic imaging. Even though this happens rarely and is temporary, it is better to avoid tattoos for these deadly health risks.

Do tattoos cause cancer?

Well, a tattoo may cause cancer in the long run. In fact, tattoo ink contains various carcinogenic compounds that can be extremely harmful to your skin. The ink has to be dermatologic ally tested right before it is used in your body. Very often the compounds in the inks enter your body and cause serious ailments like cancer in the long run. Therefore, if you want to avoid this deadly health risk it is better to avoid permanent tattoos. This one is just a small bit from the innumerable tattoo health risk that might ruin your healthy lifestyle.

Can eye tattoo make you blind?

Currently, there’s a trend of getting tattoos done in your eyeballs or on your eyelids. This is very risky as it might affect your eye permanently. You might even turn blind in the long run due to the improper use of needles. So always try to avoid this kind of tattoos.

Can non ink tattoos help?

Well, with the innumerable ill effects of tattoo ink it is always better to adhere to non ink tattoos. These tattoos do not have the bad compounds that are present in the tattoo ink so they can be considered as safe. However, these tattoos are also not completely safe as needle is used to get these tattoos done. The needle maybe old and there are still risks of infection and allergies.

So while you get a tattoo done, make sure that the needles used are new, fresh and are in perfect condition. Also, if you have a sensitive skin it is better not to opt for a tattoo because of the innumerable disadvantages. With these disadvantages and tattoo health risk it is definitely recommended not to get a tattoo done unless you are very sure about the place, the ink and needle used in the procedure.